Welcoming & Professional Appearance

The only way of achieving the goal of being the "BEST" is by paying strict attention to the details. One of the details that can significantly add or detract from your guests impressions is the equipment provided for our parking operations. From our signature white cones with red tips to our custom made signs, keyboards and work stations, MedParks equipment will provide a welcoming and impressive appearance for your customers and guests.

While your Parking Service is the first and last impression for your business, our equipment is the first and last impression of our services.


What is a more basic piece of equipment than Parking Cones? Cones are important to define parking areas, guide traffic and prevent confusion for your guests. We are all familiar with Cones. We see them all the time around construction zones.

Your account should not be confused with a construction zone. MedPark uses white-red tipped cones for our special events and white or blue cones for our hospital and regular accounts.

We do not purchase orange construction cones. We do not steal cones from PECO or other companies. We do maintain and actually clean our cones.


Signage is an important part of any parking operation. Signage will properly welcome your guests, provide direction while preventing confusion and make a positive (or negative) impression about your total operations.

MedPark provides custom signage at each event or account. Our red and white signs demand attention while welcoming your customers or guests.

Keyboards and Workstations

MedPark custom builds our keyboards and workstation in order to provide attractive, secure and long lasting equipment.

Is a piece of plywood with nails in it or pegboard with hooks attached really the impression you want for your parking company? Is this the level of security you expect for your guest's keys?

Attendant Booths

MedPark provides custom built attendant booths. Our booths will meet your requirements and the standards required by the communities you serve.