Give-'Till-They-Smile Service

SERVICE. Every business recognizes its importance. Go to any Web Site and they will all tell you they provide great service. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to talk about great service than it is to actually provide great service on a consistent basis. Great service is easily talked about but difficult to attain.

Service is not something that a person or company is born with. There is no service gene to test for when hiring a person or company. The ability to provide great service is developed over time by those companies willing to recognize and invest the required effort. It is taught to employees that are willing to embrace its demands and the satisfaction that can be attained.

A philosophy embraced and taught to all our employees concerns the basic nature of a service professional. Some people think that giving service is demeaning. It says the server is lesser and the served is greater. Each employee is taught that nothing is farther from the truth. The truth is that assisting people is an important and appreciated profession. Providing no-holds-barred, give-'till-they-smile service should be a satisfying and joy filled experience. A great deal of satisfaction can be received by helping people and making them feel good. All our employees are taught to rediscover the joy of delivering great service.

Below is a list of some of the basic services MedPark can provide for your guests. These are the simple things you will find listed on any parking Web Site. More importantly than the specific examples listed below is simply the attitude to do "whatever it takes" to assist your guests and let them know they are special.

All parking programs include:

  • Trained, professional, well groomed, uniformed attendants
  • Local, responsive, knowledgeable, involved mid and top management
  • All equipment to create an efficient, attractive valet operation
  • Complete insurance package

It is the goal of MedPark to be the "BEST". While we feel we have achieved this goal, we are well aware that we are, by no means, perfect. We are involved with 100's of -thousands of vehicles every year and interact with at least as many people. Occasionally a problem may arise.

When a problem arises, an opportunity to define the character of your company is also presented. Fairness becomes a priority. Unlike some companies that automatically reject all claims, MedPark management completes a thorough investigation of each situation.

Although we are not perfect, we are the closest thing to it in the parking industry. Since 1995, we have had an exceptional safety record.

MedPark is truly "Your KEY to SERVICE".