Pricing for MedPark Services and Attendants varies with the many different guidelines presented to us by the individual account. Pricing structure is first determined by the type of account that may require our services. Types of parking that may benefit from our services would include VALET PARKING, PARKING LOT MANAGEMENT and GARAGE MANAGEMENT.

Valet Parking

For purposes of this discussion, we will assume that we are discussing valet parking for general business usage. This could include a restaurant, country club or hospital.

In general, MedPark's pricing, on an hourly basis, will be more than the typical, small valet company but less than the larger parking operators. More important than the hourly fee is what the service might cost a business on a yearly basis. Because we are a company that puts the concerns of our customers first, we have developed procedures that make us extremely competitive with any other company.

In analyzing an account, we first determine the need and desires of the account and its management. Things we would determine are:

  1. Is there a shortage of convenient parking that would create a need for valet service?
  2. Is the lot design such that it would be possible for a valet service to maximize the parking by double or stack parking?
  3. Does the business have a corporate policy or ownership desire to provide valet parking regardless of need?

After determining the motivation for a business supporting a valet operation, we analyze the staffing requirement for meeting the service goals. We will need to consider:

  1. What is the capacity of the business and expected number of vehicles to be parked?
  2. What is the availability of parking for customers that may desire to self-park?
  3. How many service days and hours will be required?
  4. What are the peak service periods?
  5. Where is the valet parking area and will it require using techniques to maximize the number of parked vehicles?
  6. What are the service expectations of the host business?

With this information, MedPark can prepare a proposal for service based on the needs of a particular business.

Putting Your Interests First

MedPark is proud to be able to say that we are a successful company. We owe our success to our philosophy of placing our customers needs and desires before our own. We do not have to take on an account when we know it is not in the best interest of the business. We will not structure an operation to falsely project a need that does not exist.

What this means to a business is that they will not incur any unnecessary expenses and their customers will receive the service that THEY desire.

How does a valet company put their own interests ahead of the business they are suppose to service?

One of the most prevalent examples is by creating a demand that may not actually exist.

How many times have you wanted to visit a business and did not need or really want to valet park? You pull into the lot only to find that the valet service has coned off all the convenient parking spaces for themselves and you have to park in a far away space. Now you have to walk a long way past a lot of unused valet spaces to patronize this business.

This is a common technique used to increase demand for the valet attendants, and for the company to increase staffing and billing hours. By coning off all the convenient spaces, your customers that would naturally appreciate self-parking in convenient spaces are forced to valet park. This increases the number of cars the valets park, increases the tips provided to the attendants and may require additional attendant(s) that the company can bill you for.

If you are truly dedicated to your customers satisfaction, shouldn't you strive to provide convenient parking for your customers that want to self-park? Should you have to force customers who don't want to valet to valet just to have a "successful" valet program? You are paying for valet service. Why can't the valets take the cars to the less desirable spaces?

Another way a company may put their own interests ahead of your business interests is by overstaffing.

A classic example might be Country Club that wants to start service for their members at 9:00am and has a Wedding coming in at 1:00pm. The parking schedule should schedule 1 attendant for 9:00am and 3 additional attendants at 12:30pm. Instead they schedule all 4 at 9:00am and charge the account for extra hours.

Overstaffing is a common technique used by a company that may charge a lower rate in order to increase their profits. Being able to charge extra billing hours to your business increases the amount of profit for the valet company.

In addition, for small accounts, overstaffing reduces the possibility your business will ever be without valet service. If 2 or 3 valets are scheduled at the beginning of a shift when only 1 is really needed, it takes the pressure away from having an unreliable employee or weak management supervision.

Should your business have to pay because a companies employees cannot be responsible for starting on time? Should you have to pay for extra hours because employees are not properly supervised and asked to leave when their services are not required?

Another way a company may put their own interests ahead of your business interests is by overbilling.

Some companies may charge for billing time that the attendants did not actually work. An hour here, an hour there can add up to a lot of money for an account and a lot of pure profit for a parking operator. With assistance from our accounts, we will provide proper equipment and procedures to provide an audit trail for all charges invoiced by MedPark.

Finally, some companies may represent they have insurance or have adequate insurance when they have actually allowed their insurance to lapse.

One way of increasing profits is to reduce expenses. After wages, the largest expense for a parking company is insurance. Insurance is expensive for a good company and extremely expensive for risky companies with poor safety records. Operating without insurance can save 10's-of-thousands of dollars a year.

If you think nobody would take the risk or would deceive a business about insurance, please consider the ACTUAL example below.

A Chester County Country Club had been using a valet company to staff operations at their Club for several years. They assumed that the company had insurance and would, per their contract, inform them if they could not provide the required insurance. Unfortunately, the valet company became responsible for an accident and the resulting claim.

When the club member did not have the claim satisfied, the club management became involved. Because of this, the management found out that this Valet Company had been operating for months without insurance.

MedPark was asked to immediately provide service for the Club. During the following year, MedPark drastically improved the level of service for the members (as evidenced by the numerous compliments by the membership), was involved in no accidents or claims and decreased the number of billing hours to the club.


MedPark is a successful company. We have "stood the test of time" since 1995. We are a reputable company providing high level parking services to a limited number of accounts that desire and appreciate our personal attention and services.

As far as pricing goes, you will be able to find another company that will, or will appear, to be cheaper than MedPark, You will also find companies that are more expensive than MedPark.

MedPark will search for businesses that we feel are a good fit for the skills and goals we have set for our company. We hope that you will recognize and appreciate the characteristics that we have developed over the years.