FAQ's, Special Events

Valet Parking and Parking Management Services are services that are normally used on an occasional basis. Because of this, people may have unanswered questions about the companies, services and procedures involved with contracting for parking services you may desire for your upcoming Event.

Q: How long has MedPark been in business?

A: MedPark itself has been in business since January of 2000. Our predecessor, World Class Parking was formed in May of 1995.

Q. Do I need valet parking?

A: While most people consider Valet Parking a LUXURY, there are some people or businesses that will feel an actual need for our assistance. People having gatherings at their residence may be concerned about their guests convenience and safety while walking some distance on a dark, narrow street. Businesses with small, overcrowded lots may be concerned not only about starting their guests visit with a pleasant parking experience, but also about how many guests will leave their facility and go to a business with convenient parking.

The importance of Valet Parking is determined by each individual person or business. Convenience, safety, prestige, luxury, customer satisfaction, increased business, parking lot management and revenue control are all reasons to consider Valet Parking or Lot Management.

Q. Are your employees trained, responsible Attendants?

A: All employees are screened before hiring and their drivers licenses checked yearly. Because MedPark is dedicated to providing the best Attendants, each employee is guided through their training by the MedPark "Attendant Training Manual" and by working with experienced attendants and managers in order to meet the high service standards expected of a MedPark Attendant.

The employee training is imperative to developing the best attendants, but equally important is the ongoing supervision. MedPark prides itself on the high level of involvement of all our managers and owner so as to continually emphasize and meet the expectations of MedPark and our customers.

Q. What is the company uniform?

A: MedPark is a service company and will happily meet the uniform expectations of any of our customers. Nevertheless, MedPark believes the traditional valet uniform will meet the needs of most of our customers. Our normal uniform is a white shirt, black dress pants or shorts and black sneakers. For "Black Tie" events, a more formal white tuxedo shirt with black bow tie is available upon request.

Q. How many Attendants will I need for my event?

A: According to other internet sites, staffing should be one of the following. One valet for every 50 guests. One valet for every 25 guests. One valet for every 10 cars.

MedPark has no generic staffing rules. We believe every Special Event is in fact "Special". We will only provide a proposal after surveying your site to determine the correct equipment and staffing. Staffing can vary widely depending on traffic congestion, one lane driveways, drop-off area design, location and distance of parking areas, type of event, length of event, weather conditions, municipality requirements and guest counts.

MedPark will not compromise on the level of service provided to your guests nor will we set our employees in a position to fail to reach our service and safety goals.

Q. Is MedPark adequately insured?

A: MedPark carries General Liability and Garage Liability Insurance of $2,000,000.00. Worker's Compensation Insurance is provided for all employees.

MedPark provides an excellent insurance package to protect our customers and businesses. It is important to have insurance but equally important is having insurance and not needing to file claims. MedPark is not perfect but has one of the best safety records in the business.

Q. What about Tipping?

A: As with restaurant servers and other "service" employees, it is customary for tips to be accepted by our attendants when they are offered for a job well done.

MedPark employees will NEVER solicit tips with signage such as "Tips Appreciated" or "Gratuities Welcome".

In some cases, it may be the desire of the host to not have the attendants accept any tips even if offered. This desire can be accommodated. For an additional fee, the attendants will politely let the guest know that the host has taken care of all gratuities.