Appreciation for our Customers

Creating a helpful, inviting, attractive and welcoming environment for your customers, in addition to handling their parking concerns, is a basic part of MedPark services. Nevertheless, additional services can be delivered with the desire and cooperation of our accounts.

Be it in your parking facility, lot or valet area... be it a customer, visitor or employee... MedPark will be pleased to partner with you in assisting and showing appreciation for our customers.

Driver and Emergency Assistance Services

With thousands of vehicles parking to use the services of the facility, there may be times when a driver would appreciate or needs assistance. Assistance could be provided for services such as:

  • Dead battery jumps
  • Adding air to tires needing additional air
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Assisting with vehicle "Lock-Outs"
  • Contacting AAA or other road-side assistance companies
  • Assisting customers that are having difficulty in locating their vehicles
  • Windshield and headlight cleaning
  • Windshield cleaning self-service stations with trash receptacles to allow customers to empty ashtrays and dispose of trash
  • Providing site specific maps
  • Provide off site directions

Customer Appreciation Day

So the facility can show their Patients and Visitors that they are appreciated and valued, a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY may be scheduled. Patients and Visitors could be presented with a small gift or service. These may be:

  • Free or discounted parking coupons
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, bottled water and pastries
  • Candy and/or a special "Thank You" card
  • A free newspaper or magazine
  • Valet key chains, ice scrapers, air fresheners, bumper/windshield stickers, lapel pins or drinking mugs

Holidays and Special Days

Approaching Holidays are a great time to say "Thank You" to your customers and organize community events.

  • Provide candy or holiday specific items to parkers. Special days to consider might be:
    • New Years: Calendars
    • Valentine's Day: Roses or heart shaped candy
    • St. Patrick's Day: Clover candy or green carnations
    • Good Friday/Easter: Easter Eggs
    • Mother's Day: Flowers for all Mothers
    • Father's Day: Lottery Tickets
    • Independence Day: Flags or Flag lapel pins
    • Halloween: Pumpkin candy bags for Kids
    • Thanksgiving: Turkey shaped candy
    • First snowy day: Ice Scrapers
    • Christmas: Snowmen candy
  • Start a Food or Toy donation drive on a year-round or holiday basis. What could be easier than dropping off a donation to the valet service. It is quick, easy and the attendant could help with any heavy or bulky items. Once collected, MedPark would make the donation to a local charity.

Special Promotions

Promotions or give-a-ways can be a great way of building excitement and customer loyalty. Different programs to consider might be:

  • If desired, parking customers can enroll in a frequent parkers program. After 5 paid parkings, the sixth is free
  • Parking customers could enroll in a program for a free local car wash. After 10 paid visits, they would get a coupon for a free car wash
  • Have valet customers enter their names for a monthly drawing to win a free car wash, detailing or meal at a local restaurant.