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Early in our growth, just as our roots were growing, MedPark recognized the need for parking assistance within the rapidly changing medical field.

While the large, intercity medical institutions had required parking assistance for many years, the smaller, suburban hospitals were just starting to recognize their need for parking assistance. Intercity Hospitals had dealt with congestion and scarcity of convenient parking for many years. Now, the smaller suburban hospitals with their aggressive expansion plans had to deal with fewer parking spaces and more patients.

MedPark began focusing our attention and services toward the smaller, suburban hospitals. These facilities have high service expectations without the ability to charge fees to recoup the costs of the parking services. Consequently, high customer service goals had to be reached in an efficient manner in order to minimize costs. MedPark has the knowledge and abilities needed to service the needs of the suburban hospitals better than any other company.

Patient & Visitor Parking

A good or bad impression of your patients visit to your Hospital could be determined before they even walk through your entrance. How many times have you heard about a patient or visitor that complained because they were "confused and didn't know were to park", or they had to "drive around for 15 minutes to find a parking space", or "I am handicapped and I had to park so far away I could hardly make it to the hospital".

Valet Parking Services

MedParks Valet Parking Services can provide the most convenient parking option for any of your patients or visitors. No confusion, no long walks. Simply easy access and assistance provided by welcoming, caring attendants.

Equally important, MedPark can control your entrance drive area. We will not only provide valet parking but can welcome and assist patient drop-offs and pick-ups while ensuring traffic flow through the entry area.

MedPark can help your facility to improve customer satisfaction ratings while providing better patient and visitor interactions, better patient transport services and improved information and communication functions. When required, Valet Parking Services can increase parking capacities on site.

Shuttle Service

Another method of opening parking spaces for patients and visitors is through an employee shuttle program. By shifting employee's off-campus to a remote parking site with shuttle service to a convenient hospital entrance, valuable on-site parking can be made available to your patients. MedPark would be pleased to assist in setting up this kind of program.

Garage Management

If your facility has or is building a parking structure, MedPark can assist with Garage Management Services. Whatever your need, be it management of a fee based, cashiered or pay-on-foot facility, patient only or patient and employee garage or maintenance of your complimentary parking garage or lot, MedPark can be an invaluable resource.

Employee or Construction Parking

As facilities grow, parking problems develop. If your parking is strained or you are considering a construction project that will require parking planning, MedPark can be your solution. Typically, during these periods, patient parking remains the main priority. Consequently, employees may be asked to participate in programs that will allow more convenient parking for the patients and visitors.

"Stack" Parking

One way of opening spaces for patients and visitors is by removing employee vehicles from patient parking areas and maximizing employee parking in another area. By designating a specific area for employee parking, our attendants can double or triple park vehicles in order to maximize the parking capacity.

Shuttle Service

Another method of opening parking spaces for patients and visitors is through an employee shuttle program. MedPark would be pleased to assist in setting up this kind of program.

MedPark Provides:

  • The "BEST" valet parking services
  • Patient or employee shuttle services
  • Employee parking programs
  • Lot & Garage Management

Within your hospital, you carefully and respectfully care for your patients. When arriving and departing, MedPark will care for their cars.

Lets be REAL

MedPark can provide any service promised by another company. Unfortunately, some companies will try to impress you with many services or amentities that sound impressive but have no place in your actual budget. Remember, many unnecessary services or amentities will cost YOU money in extra staffing or supplies. Only your budget limits their services.

Who have we provided service to?

  • Brandywine Hospital
  • Bryn Mawr Hospital
  • Bryn Mawr Rehab
  • Chester County Hospital
  • Paoli Hospital
  • Delaware County Memorial Hospital
  • Holy Redeemer Hospital