When we began to build our business in 1995, we started as a company that provided valet parking services to any type of account that desired our services. Over the years, we have expanded our range of services to include Valet Parking with its related services and Parking Lot and Garage Management.

While we are a full service parking operator, we specialize in providing the high levels of service expected by a demanding suburban clientele. Suburban drivers are accustomed to an abundance of convenient, free parking. As suburban areas become more densely populated, suburbanites are encountering areas that need to provide parking services.

Historically, people that have had to confront the challenges of parking were in a city type location. Most people were so stressed over simply finding parking, that when they do, their service expectations are minimal.

This is not the case in suburban locations. For many people, interacting with a parking operator instead of simply parking in a convenient space, is not a desirable option. Consequently, exceptional levels of service and assistance must be offered in order to exceed these customers expectations. Simply parking a car or providing a parking space is just not enough.

Valet Parking

We have expanded the types of parking services we are involved with but, within the category of Valet Parking, have further defined the types of businesses we desire to partner with. We have focused on the demanding Healthcare Industry in a small geographic area within the Philadelphia suburbs.

Additionally, we have partnered with a few general businesses that desire and appreciate our high service standards. Finally, we provide valet services for a limited number of Special Event customers.

Parking Lot Management

In the year 2000, we were presented with our first opportunity to provide management for two bank parking lots located within our service area. This was the perfect opportunity to forge into the area of Parking Lot Management.

Our customer was not satisfied with their existing management and expressed that they were looking to upgrade their service. It was a perfect situation for MedPark. As they described their expectations it became clear that they expected services similar to the those that we already took pride in delivering to all our customers. They required friendly, attentive attendants to interact with their bank and parking customers. They wanted their lots to be impeccably cleaned and the equipment to reflect their high standards. They wanted strong, trustworthy, knowledgeable management that cared about maximizing revenue while placing a high priority on the banks customer service desires.

MedPark has been able to upgrade the cleanliness of the lot, replace one dilapidated booth with 2 of our custom built booths, install new revenue collection equipment, increase revenue in order to offset free parking for their customers and employees, maximize revenues through offering monthly and transient parking and provide the level of customer service expected by their management.

MedPark has continually serviced these bank lots since the year 2000. Because of this commitment, MedPark has been invited to manage parking lots for other lot owners that noticed our operations and desired to partnered with MedPark.

Garage Management

Over the years, MedPark has encountered accounts that had a need for Valet Parking, along with Parking Lot and Garage Management services. In order to provide the highest levels of service to these accounts, MedPark has entered into a strategic relationship with a regional company that can provide strong garage management experience and has goals and standards similar to MedParks. This relationship has provided advantages to our customers that no other single company can provide. MedPark will continue to actively pursue associations that we feel will provide benefits to our customers.


Every potential customer asks about amenities. All the national companies stress amenities. MedPark can provide any amenity any other company says they will provide. MedPark would love to provide amenities. It not only helps our customers and makes you look good... it helps MedPark and makes us look good.

There are some amenities that we provide to all our customers at no additional cost. Some of these include our everyday "BEST OF" service, car battery jumps, tire inflation and lock-out services.

Additionally, we would love to help the account with some of the other impressive and really "neat" sounding amenities. Giving something away for free is a wonderful gesture. It is good for our customers and makes my employees look great.

I have found it interesting how so many national companies play up these neat sounding amenities. What they don't tell you is how much additional they are going to cost toward your budget when you do decide to begin the giveaway.